Sonny Kenn




Sonny Kenn is a legendary Jersey Shore Icon with a career spanning over 40 years. 

Sonny  is known by fans and musicians alike as a singer, song writer, guitar player and one of the original inspirations for the “Jersey Sound.” Sonny may be known for his music, but is also leaving his mark on the art world, through his unique and captivating creations. View the Art Gallery for more. 

“It seems like my whole life I’ve been hellbent creating something with my guitar or a paint brush.  Sometimes music invades my art other times, art invades my music. I never know where the inspiration may come from…images, words, colors, sounds  thoughts will coalesce to form ideas I wish to pursue. You search for that perfect “thing”, you analyze your instincts to see if they hold up, in the end my art is the result of living my life with my eyes, ears and mind wide open.”

Art Gallery: Click below to view the full gallery

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