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Sonny Kenn is known by fans and musicians alike as a legendary singer and guitar player at the Jersey Shore. (google Sonny Kenn for more info) While Sonny was tearing the roof off clubs at night, he was attending college at Mercer County and Trenton State by day as a Fine Arts major where Sonny appreciated the artistic guidance of Mel Leipzig.

“The more serious I got about playing guitar, the more I got into painting…to me it’s the same creative impulse as writing a song.” Sonny can wax eloquent on Muddy Waters or Michelangelo; Leonardo or Link Wray. “You never know where inspiration will come from…you hunt for that perfect thing and you analyze your instincts to see if they hold up.” These ideas are represented  by some of Sonny’s paintings that incorporate 12 tone musical and color scales. The paintings can be both viewed and listened to.

My painting is usually a slow, deliberate process. I start with a good quality primed canvas. I may add a few more coats of gesso to get the desired surface. At times I draw ideas directly on the canvas. Othertimes sketches or a complete drawing will be transferred to the canvas using the grid method. Oil is my preferred medium. For me heavy brush strokes don’t work. Many times glazing, scumbling, lifting or scratching may be used to get the color, depth or texture I need to convey my ideas. As in music I may improvise after I get started and this can take me down an unexpected path, always anticipating that moment of excitement when I can say “it’s finished!” because any more would be to much and any less would be incomplete.

For more information, you can contact us.  Sonny is available for musical performances at openings that demonstrate his artistic visions.